Harry's Trieste

Gourmet Experience

Harry’s : a story of excellence

Renewed in 1972 by Arrigo Cipriani of the famous Harry’s Bar in Venice, the Harry’s brand has managed to maintain its appeal and unique vibe over time. One of a kind concept that, born in Venice, found its own spot in the extraordinary city of Trieste, where Harry’s fully represents a brand that is synonymous with eno-gastronomic excellence.


The Quality-mile : the limitless territory of research.
Among the cornerstones of Harry’s philosophy, there is one that is particularly important to the chef Matteo Metullio e Davide De Pra, they call it: QUALITY-MILE.
Their eno-gastronomic journey blends local elements and far away ingredients, land and sea; constantly looking for the quality without territorial limits, as a ship ready to sail towards new worlds.